Studio Pilates

Experience the Ultimate Toning Workout™ at Studio Pilates International®.  Our classes use the Pilates reformer and combine high energy music with intense, total body workouts to tone and sculpt your body.

Studio Pilates® workouts are incredibly effective and convenient with our express 40 min class format that delivers you maximum results in minimum time. You’ll burn calories and feel each exercise toning and targeting muscles that you never knew you had.

When you do a Studio Pilates® class you’ll be transported to a place of style and sophistication in one of our luxurious studios. You’ll have fun doing your class with your inspirational instructor giving you technical guidance and the motivation for every exercise that you do.


Monday to Thursday 5am to 8pm

Friday 5am to 5.30pm

Saturday 5.45am to 11.30am

Sunday 7.30am to 10am


39 Hercules St

Portside Wharf, Hamilton QLD 4007

(07) 3268 3300

Studio Pilates: Shop Number 32
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