Brisbane yoga instructor, Anna-Carina Tetzner, is now heading up free fortnightly yoga classes by the Brisbane River at Portside Wharf.

Thanks to Jetts Hamilton, the yoga classes are held every second Sunday at 9am and encourage locals to get outdoors and exercise, while enjoying the lifestyle that comes with riverfront living in Brisbane.

Ms Tetzner said offering complimentary classes enabled everyday people to discover the benefits of yoga.

“From my experience, offering a free yoga class demystifies all the stereotypes that come with yoga and introduces people to a form of exercise that nurtures both the mind and body,” she said.

“I often hear people give excuses why they can’t start a yoga practice such as, “I’m too old”, “I’m too unfit”, “I have injuries that would prevent me from bending” etc.  What they don’t realise, is all of these excuses are the exact reasons why you should take up yoga.

“The Portside Wharf classes are designed to make yoga more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and to get people outside and exercising in an unintimidating environment.

“The classes are completely independent of age, fitness level or flexibility. Yoga is very much a self practice that can be taken at your own pace.

“The classes at Portside Wharf, thanks to Jetts Hamilton, are breaking down the barriers that prevent people from trying yoga, and helping people live a healthier lifestyle, at no cost.”

Ms Tetzner is a full time yoga instructor and said she jumped at the chance to teach at Portside Wharf, in Hamilton Brisbane.
“I love teaching yoga outdoors and Portside Wharf is a really cool place for urban yoga.  It’s a fantastic location by the water and the precinct has such a vibrant energy that just makes you want to get out and exercise,” she said.

Portside Wharf is a mixed-use precinct offering boutique fashion and shopping in Brisbane, residential apartments, Dendy Portside cinemas and a selection of dining options, among the most popular in Brisbane.

Click here  to see dates for upcoming complimentary yoga classes at Portside Wharf.

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