Byblos’s famous cocktail menu has been given a revamp for winter, as new bar manager, Yoshi Onishi takes the reins and steers the bar into a new season filled with delicious cocktails.

Having recently returned from Kuala Lumpur, where he was teaching and lecturing staff in hospitality, Yoshi is back with fresh ideas and innovative techniques for the new beverage list designed with winter in mind.

Byblos at Portside Wharf is renowned for its extensive cocktail menu, which features more than 30 different varieties, each concocted from fresh ingredients with additives handmade by the Byblos bar team.

“Cocktails are my passion,” said Yoshi.

“So when the opportunity to work at one of the best cocktail bars in Brisbane came up, I jumped at it.

“The reason Byblos’ cocktail menu is so fabulous is because the team behind the bar has the freedom to be creative.

“You let cocktail lovers loose in a kitchen full of syrups, foams, infusions and high quality liquors and you’re sure to get one heck of a cocktail menu!”

Yoshi says there is a real art to drink making.

“When I am creating a drink, my main focus is balance,” he said.

“I want to get the right balance of flavours so it is important to find additives and infusions that complement the flavours of the spirit.

“It is a real art, but if you can do it, the result will always be delicious.”

The new cocktail menu features a number of warm beverages designed to keep you cosy in the colder months.  Try the Hansel and Gretel’s Hot Buttered Rum, infused with Byblos’ own gingerbread syrup and served with homemade gingerbread men.

Byblos has also released a new winter menu with more than 30 modern Lebanese-style dishes including Mograbieh – a rustic staple meal combining pearl cous cous with chick peas, slow cooked and mixed with onion, lamb and traditional gravy then topped with chicken.

Head chef Sayed Saleh has recently returned from a family holiday in Lebanon which he says was the inspiration for the new menu.

Sayed spent much of his time in outlying villages where he was surrounded by incredible winter dishes filled with flavour and spirit.

“By returning to Lebanon, I was able to really immerse myself into the traditional methods of preparing great food, and it gave me so many ideas on how to transform these old world methods and ingredients into something new and exciting for the restaurant,” he said.

Byblos also has a new range of clay crockery to match the rustic winter menu.


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