Tree Cycle Coffee Shop

At TREE CYCLE Coffee Shop we like to know the origin of all our produce. Offering top range specialty coffee, customers can find from Espresso and milk based coffees, to Single origins with different roasting profiles and brewing methods such as Pour over and Chemex. There will be freshly made smoothies and cold pressed juice specially made for a morning boost before you hit the gym. Our Chef has designed a menu using local produce, which includes the traditional eggs on toast, as well as muesli, salmon salads, wraps, cakes from a local bakery called Crust and Co. and other great dishes for all.

Our coffee is directly imported by one of the owners who is the founder of CROP DEL MONTE Specialty Coffee Traders and roasted in Brisbane by Bacano Coffee Roasters. We usually travel twice a year and we have developed strong relationships with coffee farmers over the past years, which has allowed us to buy directly at prices that help farmers and their families. Our coffee is considered specialty because it is cupped by professionals in the industry and only the best micro lots that scored 80+ come to Australia. We are very excited to start this new adventure and we look forward to sharing all our amazing stories from Colombian coffee with everyone.


Open 7 days 6.30am to 3.30pm

Tree Cycle Coffee Shop: Shop Number 30
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