Brisbane coffee trader Andres Rodriguez has  established a special relationship with several Colombian coffee growers that sees him buying direct and giving the battling farmers a better return for their produce.

Andres, who owns Crop Del Monte Specialty Coffee Traders and Tree Cycle Coffee – a new cafe at Hamilton’s riverside precinct, Portside Wharf, has been travelling to Colombia twice a year in search of the best coffee beans to bring to Australia.

He said he now has several contracts to buy direct from the farmers which means a better price for them, and better coffee for Brisbane.

“The Crop Del Monte project works to facilitate relationships and communication between small coffee growers in Colombia and businesses in Australia who want a genuine product direct from the farmer,” he said.

“We have developed strong relationships with several coffee farmers over the past few years and by dealing direct it is a far better outcome for them and their families.

“The farmers we choose to work with are extremely dedicated to growing coffee – they have been doing it for generations – and we have had the pleasure of meeting their families, visiting their homes and gaining an understanding of how they live and work.

“It is great that we can help them and the product they deliver is second to none.”

Andres, who opened Tree Cycle Coffee with friends Ana Gutierrez and Victor Diaz, said he had looked at a number of locations around Brisbane, both in the CBD and Fortitude Valley, but realised Portside Wharf was the perfect place.

“What we like is that there is a growing community in the area, there are gyms and health centres around and there’s also a great combination of residents and families as well as tourists,” he said.

Tree Cycle Coffee serves everything from espresso and milk-based coffees to single origins with different roasting profiles and brewing methods such as filter coffee, aeropress and chemex as well as freshly made smoothies and juices.

There is also a great menu created by chef, Richard Tran, which caters to all tastes.

The riverside precinct of Portside Wharf is home to six residential buildings and 40 retailers including fine dining, casual dining, coffee shops, health and beauty, boutique fashion, entertainment and conveniences.

For more information on Crop del Monte or Tree Cycle Coffee visit or

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