Popular riverside restaurant and bar Byblos is famous for its quirky cocktails, but this summer it added another element to the already extensive offering; one that has been overlooked on Brisbane beverage lists for far too long – Lebanese wine.

Beautifully fruity and light, finishing dry with lots of heart, these Lebanese wines are a refreshing drink on a warm Brisbane day and perfectly complement Byblos’ menu and new summer cocktail list.

“Lebanon is known for its temples and tabouleh but is rarely thought of as a wine region,” said Byblos bartender Sam Tripet.

“The fact is, Lebanon was one of the first sites in the world to ever produce wine.

“With its limestone soils, high altitude vineyards and near perfect climate, Lebanon is a wine maker’s paradise.”

According to Sam, Lebanese wine is comparable to the likes of those produced in Chile and Argentina, but is often forgotten when it comes to creating wine lists.

He said the light, fruity tones are perfect for Brisbane’s warm climate, and can complement many dishes, particularly seafood, making this combination of ambiance, food and wine, waterfront dining at it its best.

“While holding the focus on our traditional Lebanese style of dining, our new wine list takes a new turn,” he said.

“We’ve introduced a selection of specially imported Lebanese wines from the Kfardebian Valley to give Brisbane a taste of what this beautiful region can produce.

“Lebanese winemakers have favoured French grapes such as merlot and cabernet sauvignon, but there is also many native varieties like the obedieh.”

But it’s not just wines that feature on the new summer menu – Sam and the team have produced a beverage list that covers everything from craft beers to exotic rums and boutique ciders, all of which are proving popular at Byblos’ Sunday sessions where patrons can sip their way through the menu while watching the sunset over the Brisbane River.

“Our beer list is spectacular.  We are focussing more on what’s in the fridge and offering a huge selection with everything from old Australian guilty pleasures like Fourex Bitter cans, to new favourites like Little Creatures IPA and a lot of boutique American brews like Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale by Founders Brewing and North Coast Pranqster,” he said.

“Our eclectic range of tap and bottled beer is unique to any bar in Brisbane.”

Located in the waterfront precinct of Portside Wharf, the award winning restaurant and bar, famous for its creative cocktails and spectacular views over the Brisbane River, has become an iconic destination over the past seven years with its selection of flavours from all over the world.

The new cocktail menu has also launched and features a host of summery specials such as the lime and pepper cooler, bayswater breeze and mantequilla.

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