Three leading luxury liners have given Sydney the flick and are instead basing at Portside Wharf this winter, bringing with them an additional 39,000 passengers.

The Sea Princess, Pacific Dawn and Pacific Jewell have called Portside Wharf home during the past few months and more new ships will be welcomed come the end of the year with another two joining the queue.

It seems the location of the Brisbane Cruise Terminal at the sophisticated boutique shopping and dining precinct of Portside Wharf in Hamilton, has lured the ships north, and according to Ian Hunter of Cruising Down Under, it’s injecting millions of dollars into the local economy.

“This year’s cruise schedule highlights how popular Brisbane has become with national and international cruise liners and passengers,” Mr Hunter said.

“Not only are we attracting an extremely large number of ships to our shores but the calibre of cruise liners docking in Brisbane this year is extremely high.

“We are seeing new ships add Brisbane to their schedule as well as previous ones returning, which means Brisbane is continuing to establish itself as a must-see destination and a permanent fixture on many cruising itineraries.

“We are increasingly hearing favourable comments about the Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal, in particular from officers and crew members who report that Portside Wharf is one of the most popular cruise facilities in the world and a ‘breath of fresh air’ from the many industrial port complexes they typically dock at.

“With such a variety of boutique shops, waterfront restaurants, cafes, entertainment and facilities in the Portside Wharf precinct, it makes those quick stopovers a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both passengers and crew, and for those who don’t make it into the CBD, it’s a beautiful representation of our city.”

Passenger numbers at the Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal, owned and operated by Brookfield Residential Properties, have increased from 45,000 to 138,000 since its launch in 2006 – an increase of 207 per cent.

“The Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal has been one of the catalysts for unprecedented growth in the cruise industry in Australia, with Brisbane now the second largest cruise port in the country,” said Brookfield Residential Properties regional directorLee Butterworth.

“While most industries, including tourism, were declining during the GFC, the cruise industry defied the trend by experiencing double digit growth year on year.

“This is something that would not have been possible without the Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal and the various shipping lines taking advantage of an opportunity to increase market penetration.”

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